Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Smoking Crater Still Breathes in NYC

Even though conservatives won't admit that anything's wrong with America besides abortion, unions and Iraq veterans marching against Bush's continued occupational war in Iraq, it's true as John Edwards noted yesterday that too many Americans are losing confidence in their country's abilities. The current "informed" position is to state that government itself is a proposition that doesn't work, and that somehow if it's stuffed into a shoebox, the next morning one of your distant neighbors in a brick house with a pool and jaccuzi will end world poverty and cure AIDS. Too many people have bought into the mantra of the right that you can't critcize the President in a time of war, or say that he should never have been President, and maybe worse than Nixon, so instead of wanting change, the only thing left is to opt out altogether. Conservatives desperately depend on this being the prevailing public opinion for the next year, or they haven't a shot at the polls. If the voters don't notice how bad Bush and the neocons have frakked the country, they won't hold the Republican Party accountable at the polls. Yet how can we ignore what they've done? As Edwards pointed out, "Six years after 9/11, ground zero is still a hole, basically, a black hole."