Thursday, November 15, 2007

live blog of cnn debate

Live from drinking liberally your favorite redhead is cheering on john edwards. On a flitched blackberry from blog friend badger. And yes, hillary is magically in the center on the line_up again. Got to love how spot on my candidate is tonight, with the only sensible answer (that actually was a plan and not rethoric) on stability in nuclear Pakistan. Richardson can only come up with the lame complaint that Edwards and we who support him are trying to start a class war. But what does he call Bush's tax cuts but the spoils of a war for the rich taken from the pockets of the working poor. And now Edwards is the first one to pledge that the only kind of torture allowed in his white house will be none.

The moderators duck Edwards on education and the Irag troop surge, but really the only good and cheered points the other candidates could make Edwards made months ago. Kucinich made the mistake of saying that he was the only candidate for the Democratic nomination who came from the working class. Seriously? I guess he doesn't consider factory workers as working poor which is good to know about him. As a member of the working poor. As Edwards says: "this is about what America should be. This is about our party." And as Bush made clear to us, it is the other party whose base is the millionare fat-cats!

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