Friday, November 16, 2007

Hillary Plants Questions, then Plants Whole Audience

Who wants to start out talking about Hillary, when you can talk about John Edwards. So that's what I'll do. Because I want to see a little courage and a little backbone and real liberal steel in my fellow democrats, that I haven't seen in the last eight years. We are the party of the working poor and the middle class and the unions and the federal employee; Bush said it himself that the base of the Republican Party are the millionaires and the Federalist Society. Democrats should be out there talking about education and global warming and how work should work for the people who... oh work. And yet anytime you talk about the economic reality that has become our country in the last eight years, any time you criticize Bush and the conservative agenda, you get called "angry" by the likes of Hillary, and everyone running just to be her vice-president. Instead of tax cuts for the rich, maybe you want construction funds for public transportation to improve employment opportunities, traffic and smog-reduction efforts in your city. Who cares if you are a federal employee who appreciates being able to leave the car at home? Oh now, you are just "angry." Now don't do anything unlady-like!!

Now last night at the CNN Democratic Debate we saw just the lowest point in this entire election cycle when Hillary ordered her supporters to boo and heckle her opponents. You get a little taste of it above, but it gets a lot worse... And I don't mean just murmurs and a lack of clapping, but systematic and keyed booing anytime another candidate even said her name, in an obvious attempt to silence speech on their candidate. Who are these supporters of Hillary that they have completely lost their minds and forgotten the Constitution and our cherished Bill of Rights? Who are these supporters of Hillary, who would sell out the traditions of public debate in our democracy in a brazen display of immaturity? Who are these supporters of Hillary that all notions of feminism have been tossed into a paper-shredder and then soaked in kerosene before being torched, whenever Hillary smiles and points at her lipstick? Who are these supporters of Hillary who are more suited to a book signing for Ann Coulter? Who are they to muddy the whole Democratic Party with their boos? Oh, they were workers for the Nevada Democratic Party seated in the DNC section!!

Not that it changes the fact that Edwards is still ranked as the caucus winner in Iowa. Eat your hearts out little girls. In a straw poll of UAW workers in Iowa, John Edwards beat Barak Obama 2-1. Even if Obama Rolodexes his way to the regional endorsement for UAW, it's unlikely to sway the local UAW unions from supporting Edwards. And that neither Hillary or Barak will be out there on the WGA strike, fighting for the dream of fair wages and respect for workers in this country, but John Edwards will be marching with the writers today. Doing something productive and meaningful, while Hillary will be out there dreaming up questions to plant at her next public appearance. How about this one Hillary: How's the state of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy these days?

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