Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Cowards Call Anger, Liberals Call Hope

How did Katrina make you feel? Turn the channel and people call you reasonable. Get involved, get motivated, feel anything at all and all you get to be called is "angry." Well, so be it then. We are angry, and also filled with the brilliance of hope and the strength to raise our country up and build our cities anew. And oh yeah, "more beer!"

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G Man said...

How True? I am furious over what has happened to our Country which has been hijacked by the large corporations who could care less about the people. JohnEdwards cares thats why he is angry. He saw first hand how manufacturers of products failed to put in inexpensive safety devices on products because it would lessen profits. They calculated it would be cheaper to pay out on injury lawsuits, that is until lawyers like John made them pay much more than they thought.